International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2015)

Priapism in Sprague–Dawley rat: Evidences for spermatotoxic, histomorphological changes in Corpora Cavernosa and the protective efficacy of ascorbic acid and testosterone

Author(s): Igwe O, Akunna GG, Oremosu AA, Akingbade AM, Adefisayo MA
Abstract: The histomorphological changes in the corpora cavernosa following priapism remains an interesting observation due to its pathological and reproductive implications. We investigated the attenuating effect of testosterone and vitamin C on the corpora cavernosa induced fibrosis in priapism of rats.rnTwenty five Sprague – Dawley male rats were randomly allocated into 5 groups of rat each Group 1 served as the control. Group 2 had only priapism. Group 3 was induced with priapism and then treated with vitamin C. Group 4 was induced with priapism and then treated with testosterone. Group 5 was induced with priapism but were treated with both vitamin C and testosterone. Priapism was induced for one week followed by 6 hours post priapism administration of testosterone and vitamin C. rnResults showed fibrotic corpora cavernosa in all groups except the control group. Sperm parameters indicated oligospermia and reduced sperm motility especially in group 2 and 3 when compared with the control group. The results indicated that testosterone and vitamin C ameliorated priapism-induced ischemia – reperfusion injury at different time intervals in rats.
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