International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 2, Issue 3 (2016)

Management of growing skull fracture using cadaveric bone graft

Author(s): Dr. Ramesh Sangle, Dr. Sanjay S Vhora, Dr. Mayur V Barhate, Dr. C Raman, Dr. Jay Gunjkar, Dr. Madhur Pardasani
Abstract: Growing skull fracture (GSF), a delayed cranio-cerebral complication resulting from linear skull fracture with dural tear. Damaging effects on the developing skull and brain are significant. Dural tear results in leptomeningeal cyst formation, which if left untreated progressively induces local resorption of skull bone (GSF) and secondary damage of the developing brain.rnVarious materials are available for cranioplasty. It is directed at protecting dura and brain. Cadaveric bone is the most biological, physiologically suitable material available. It may have immediate effect on stopping skull-bone resorption. rnIn our knowledge this is the one of the initial cases of reconstructive-cranioplasty using cadaveric skull bone in GSF. Its effects followed up with 10-years clinical & radiological studies.rnIt is used with the intention of studying 1) host’s ability to regenerate skull bone after cadaveric bone grafting and 2) short term & long term effects of bone grafting in paediatric age group.
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