International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

Original research article: Study of prevalence of microalbuminuria among the diabetic patients and its correlation with body mass index and hypertension among Gujarat population

Author(s): Dr. RJ Chhabra, Dr. Ketan Mangukiya, Dr. Neeta Kapai, Dr. Gaurav Kumar
Abstract: Background: With diabetes being a rising crisis in India, people suffering from itsrneffect on kidney is great. This study is aimed at reducing the incidence ofrndiabetic nephropathy among the first diagnosed diabetic patients by earlyrnscreening for microalbuminuria which is the earliest indicator for kidneyrndamage. Materials and Method: A cross sectional study among the first diagnosed diabetic isrnundertaken to find the incidence of microalbuminuria in them. The study samplernof 138 was selected using purposive sampling method and a pre-tested structuredrnquestionnaire was used.Result:rnIncidence of microalbuminuria among the first diagnosed diabetic patients isrn17%. And the correlation of microalbuminuria with that of hypertension (p<0.001,rnr=0.692), body mass index (p>0.05 and r=0.4) and waist hip ratio (p<0.05,rnr=0.27) suggest that microalbuminuria incidence is significantly associatedrnwith hypertension and waist hip ratio. Conclusion: The incidence of microalbuminuria 17% during first diagnosis ofrndiabetes indicates the inadequacy in the health care system regarding thernscreening programs in the rural population. Thus improvements must be made inrnthe health care system to reduce the incidence rate by effective screeningrnprogram.
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