International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

Sigma metrics of thyroid hormones

Author(s): Dr. Usha Sachidananda Adiga
Abstract: Introduction: Six sigma is a process used for quality measurement and improvement inrnindustries. Sigma methodology can be used whenever an outcome of a process hasrnto be measured. Sigma metrics can be used effectively in laboratory services. Thernobjectives of the present study were to evaluate the quality of the analyticalrnperformance of hormone analyzer by calculating sigma metrics and to calculate Zrnscore to assess the functioning of the analyzer. Methodology: The study was conducted in the clinical biochemistry laboratory ofrnKarwar Institute of Medical Sciences, Karwar. Sigma metrics of thyroid hormonesrnwas calculated. Z scores for all the three parameters were calculated. Results: We have sigma values > 3 for T3 and TSH. Sigma was <3 for T4.Our Z scoresrnwere excellent for T3 and TSH as it was between 0 and 1.It was acceptable forrn T4 as it was between 1 and 2. Conclusion: Our methodologies for thyroid hormones need a re-evaluation so as to improvernthe quality. Sigma metrics helps to assess analytical methodologies and augmentrnlaboratory performance. It acts as a guide for planning quality controlrnstrategy. It can be a self -assessment tool regarding the functioning ofrnclinical laboratory.
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