International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 2, Issue 7 (2016)

Impact of lifestyle intervention strategies on hypertensives

Author(s): Swarnalatha A, Dr. Amirthaveni M
Abstract: Background: In modern society people prone to stress in all walk of their life. Stress has a direct impact on the heart, as it leads to the release of substances such as catecholamine and cortisol, which leads to hypertension. There is growing evidence to support the use of several complementary and alternative medicine activities to reduce hypertension Objectives: To evaluate the impact of life style intervention programmes on hypertensive adults in selected areas of Coimbatore district. Methodology: The impact of lifestyle intervention was conducted in 120 hypertensives including 30 men and 30 women for a period of 120 days. Results: Lifestyle intervention in the present study close down the physical inactiveness reduced mental stress and developed healthy lifestyle and dietary habits among the hypertensives. This in turn helped to decrease weight, waist, and lipid profile and blood pressure in a period of 120 days. Conclusion: The present study strongly suggested regular healthy lifestyle interventions to overcome the epidemic of hypertension, world’s current burden.
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