International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 2, Issue 9 (2016)

Effect of kangaroo mother care in reducing pain due to heel prick among preterm neonates: A randomised controlled study

Author(s): Dr. Urmil Pavagadhi, Dr. Nikhilesh Nain, Dr. Mitul Kalathia
Abstract: Objective: To Study The Effect Of Kangaroo Mother Care In Reducing Pain Due To Heel Prick Among Preterm Neonates At Nicu Of K.T. Children Hospital, Rajkot. Design: Randomised Controlled Study. Setting: Tretiary Care Level. Method: Comparision between preterm neonates undergoing KMC (study group) and preterm babies without KMC (control group) according to premature infant pain profile (PIPP) related to heel prick is proposed. Study participants will be premature neonates (32-36 weeks) admitted to the tertiary care NICU in whom heel prick is to be done for glucose monitoring. Preterm neonates (32-36 weeks) whose general condition is stable, not on oxygen or any IV fluids and on breast-feeding, cup feeding or RT feeding and Preterm neonates in whom glucose estimation is needed for routine monitoring of hypoglycemia are included with prior consent. Result: statistically significant (p<0.05) difference is noted among mean PIPP score of immediately after heel prick and 5 minutes after hell prick among study and control group. No any such difference (p>0.05) is there among mean PIPP score of before the heel prick. Conclusion: This study concludes that kangaroo mother care is an effective way in reducing pain due to heel prick among preterm neonates. Difference in mean PIPP score is more significant among 32-36 weeks of newborns.
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