International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 11 (2017)

Effectiveness of cartilage window with button technique in treatment of pseudocyst pinna

Author(s): Dr. Sagesh M, Dr. Aju Ravindran
Abstract: Background: Pseudocyst of pinna presents as a cystic swelling over the anterior aspect of pinna. Even though various treatment modalities have been proposed for the management of this condition, most of them do not provide a consistent and reliable result.
Aim: To study the effectiveness of cartilage window with buttoning technique in the treatment of pseudocyst of the pinna.
Methods: A prospective study at a tertiary care centre for a period of two years, which included 17 patients with a diagnosis of pseudocyst pinna. All the patients were treated by excising a small cartilage window and using the buttoning technique for compression; and were followed-up after one week and one month of surgery.
Results: All the 17 cases were completely relieved of the disease at the end of one month and none showed any recurrence. None of our patients had any postoperative complications like perichondritis of pinna or any structural deformities.
Conclusions: The surgical treatment of pseudocyst pinna by the cartilage window with buttoning technique gave a reliable result in all cases.
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