International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 11 (2017)

Comparison of different doses of aspirin on renal function in elderly patients

Author(s): Dr. Anil Kumar Mahto
Abstract: Low dose aspirin has been reported to be a risk factor of hyperuricemia. Hence this study was planned to study the effect of low dose aspirin compromises renal function, and if so, to alert practicing physicians on the need to show preference when prescribing this drug. The study had been conducted in IGIMS, Patna on total 60 patients. Group I received 100 mg/day Aspirin for 4 weeks and Group II received 300 mg/day Aspirin for 4 weeks. Hence it can be concluded that a dosage of 300 mg/day aspirin was found to induce a considerably higher changes in renal function and secretion of uric than 100 mg/day. The dosage of 100 mg/day aspirin can be used with more safety during the treatment. The observation, however, did not propose overlooking a vigilant laboratory investigation when low dose aspirin is added to therapy in order to ensure their safety.
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