International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 12 (2017)

Opinion de la population sur le comportement des personnes de troisième âge vivant en famille dans la ville de Goma en RD Congo

Author(s): Lumwanga Mwabilo S, Ngoyi Mbo S, Mianda Fuamba J, Ngoyi bulaya AB, Kabamba Nsapu K, Ntambwe Mayombo A, Bukasa tshilonda JC
Abstract: Introduction: Aging has disadvantages. The behaviors of senior citizens living with their families are very difficult and pose a problem between them and family members. This problem seems to be more pronounced in urban areas or often families and communities are unable to care for the most vulnerable or protected from the accusation of witchcraft.
Methodology: A prospective descriptive study spread over 6 months was conducted on 668 respondents divided into two groups, including 334 elderly people and 334 households that make up the families of senior citizens. We conducted a prospective survey and data collection was conducted from a survey questionnaire and interview. This study aims to determine the behavior and care of elderly people living with their families.
Result: In terms of older people's judgments about community attitudes toward them, the majority of surveys say 53.6% say their attitudes are negative, 28.1% say they are positive and 18.3% say they are very negative.
Conclusion: In summary, the difficult behaviors that older people in the community and family display is due to age, far from us the idea of ​​witchcraft or pride because the old age is comparable to the first age from which one thinks like a child, one acts like a child and one behaves like a child.
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