International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 12 (2017)

Original research article: Electrocardiographic changes in patients with stroke

Author(s): Dr. Jitendra kumar
Background: Stroke, also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is the 3rd most common cause of death worldwide, after ischemic heart disease and cancer.
Stroke is defined as damage to the brain due to interruption of its blood supply leading to focal neurological manifestations.
It has been observed that there are many electrocardiographic (ECG) changes develop in the patients after onset of stroke. These patients were not known to have cardiac illness previously.
The possible mechanism is disturbance in the autonomic regulation of the heart after the onset of stroke.
Objectives: The objectives of this study is to determine the frequency and character of the ECG changes in the patients presenting with stroke.
Materials and Methods: The study was conducted at Narayan Medical College and Hospital, from 15th May 2017 to 15th November 2017(06 months). 109 patients presenting with different types of stoke were taken for study after considering the exclusion and inclusion criteria. ECG was taken of all the patients. The diagnosis of stroke was confirmed by CT scan of head. Parameters used were clinical profile, ECG and CT head.
Result: The present study shows that cerebrovascular accident and ECG finding are independent variables except ST depression.
Conclusion: There was statistically significant (P value = 0.04) association between ST depression in ECG and Stoke. However, no association was established between other ECG changes and Stroke.
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