International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2017)

Case study on impact of secondhand smoke on asthma and other related diseases in human population

Author(s): Asiton-a Solomon Ibama
Abstract: This is a study focusing on epidemiologically linked health outcomes of asthma and other related diseases in the population due to exposure to secondhand smoke. The objective is to unravel the risk factors of exposure to secondhand smoke implicated in the disease conditions and the public health significance of such health outcomes in the population. The methodology applied were traditional review of published literatures and extracting the empirical evidence linking secondhand smoke exposure to the disease conditions. Findings showed that, agent factors include chemicals/particulate matters from; burning cigarette, burning cigar or pipe tip and exhaled smoke from smokers; host factors were; age, asthmatic people, gender, pregnant women, asthma heredity, singles, alcohol consumption; while environmental factors include; the home, workplace and school, private or public transportation system, leisure time associated with bar, restaurants etc. The estimated cost attributable to exposure to secondhand smoke was $79.35 million (N24, 598.5 million), accounting for 5.94% of local healthcare costs. Epidemiological evidences showing cause-effect association between exposure to secondhand smoke and asthma and other related diseases are strong, consistent, coherent and plausible to give room for putting in place deliberate regulatory policies and laws by countries and ensuring enforcement of such policies and laws to limiting exposure to secondhand smoke wherever people live or engage in an occupation.
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