International Journal of Medical and Health Research

International Journal of Medical and Health Research

(MCI Approved Journal)

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2017)

Epidemiology and characteristics of headache in adolescents - A clinical study

Author(s): Dr. Rattan Singh Bamal
Abstract: Background: Headache is a common complaint in children. Headache is a major health concern not only because it is a disabling disease, but also because of high utilization of health care system and due to work absenteeism. The present study was conducted to assess the epidemiology and characteristics of headaches in adolescents.
Materials & Methods: This study was conducted in department of Pediatrics in year 2015. It included 2540 children of both gender. Factors such as duration of headache and change in its severity, frequency and duration since onset, age of onset of recurrent headache. Quality of pain, usual time of onset of headache, diurnal variation in headache, duration of each episode, frequency of headache episodes, precipitating, aggravating and relieving factors were recorded based on ICHD-2 diagnostic criteria for various primary headaches.
Results: Out of 2540 studied subjects, 1240 were boys and 1300 were girls. The difference was non – significant (P- 0.1). Out of 2540 subjects, 1210 had headache (47.6%). 7% subjects had migraine with aura, 2% had migraine without aura, 6.5% had probable migraine with aura, 4% had probable migraine without aura. 15% had unspecified headache. Under tension type headache, 6% had episodic infrequent tension type headache, 4% had episodic frequent tension type headache, 0.3% had chronic tension type headache, 0.2% had probable tension type headache. 0.5% had Probable cluster Headache, 0.4% had cluster headache, 0.3 % had probable paroxysmal hemicrania. 0.8% had primary stabbing headache. Father had 5%, mother had 17.4%, both parents had 3.6% and siblings had 4.2% family history of headache.
Conclusion: Headache is common among school going children. A proper diagnosis should be done in adolescent to reach the diagnosis. Migraine is comparatively common among various types of headaches.
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