International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 7 (2017)

Ayurvedic protocol for prevention and management of chronic toxicity of chemotherapy

Author(s): Dr. Sanchit Jain, Dr. Sharad M Porte, Dr Kalpana
Abstract: Chemotherapy is a common treatment used for patients of cancer. Chemotherapy and its chronic toxicity have been mentioned in Ayurveda under the heading of kshara-karma and kshara-vyapada respectively. Even the properties and its mechanism of action of both chemotherapy as well as kshara-karma are similar in many aspects. Most of the chemotherapeutic agents produce srotas vikrati like Ashthivaha Srotas (Skeletal System), Indriyavaha Srotas (Sensory Organ), Manovaha Srotas (Psychological System), Vatavaha Srotas (Nervous System), Pranavaha Srotas (Respiratory and cardiovascular system), Mutravaha Srotas (Excretory System), Annavaha Srotas (Digestive System), Sukravaha Srotas (Reproductive System) and Rasavaha Srotas (Lymphatic System). Infertility, Cataracts and Cardiomyopathy has been found in both chemotherapy and kshara-karma. While some toxic effect like Osteoporosis, Avascular necrosis, Neuropsychiatric deficits, Cognitive decline, Neuropathy, hearinsg loss, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypersensitivity, decreased function of kidney, hypomagnesaemia, altered function of liver, premature menopause, Aplasia, myelodysplasia and Secondary Leukemia has been found only in modern science. It is due to probable using of most potent chemical therapeutic agent in modern science. Nagabala, Baladi, Vijyasaradi, Triphala, Shankhpushpi ghrita, Aindra, Medhya, Neelkanth, Chyawanprash, Punarnava, Gokshuraka, Guduchiyadi, Shishukalpdrum ghrita and Lauhabhasmadi, these are the rasayana described in the Ayurveda which will be useful to prevent chronic toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents like glucocorticoids, Vincristine, platinum, Taxanes Methotrexate, cystarabine, Anthracycline, Trastuzumb, Bleomycin, Alkylating agents and miscellaneous drug. Asthisanharadi churna, Panchatikta Ksheer Basti, Sukhavati varti, Mahatriphala Ghrita, Kalyanaka Ghrita, Amritaghya tailam, Soma Churna, Punarnavadi kvatha, Rohitakadi Vati, Kapikachhuadi churna, Phala Ghrita and Kharjuradi leha, these are some ayurvedic formulations which will help to manage the srotovaha vikriti like Ashthivaha Srotas, Indriyevaha Srotas, Manovaha Srotas, Vatavaha Srotas, Pranavaha Srotas, Mutravaha Srotas, Annavaha Srotas, Sukravaha Srotas and Rasavaha Srotas respectively. Thus Ayurveda may play a major role to prevent and cure the chronic toxicity of chemotherapy during the management of cancer by using Rasayana and Ayurvedic formulations.
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