International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 3, Issue 9 (2017)

Dermatoglyphic findings in patients with oral Submucous fibrosis in Jammu population

Author(s): Dr. Mohammad Shafi Dar, Dr. Shazya Gul
Abstract: Context: The hand has drawn great attention in the diagnosis of various pathologies in the field of medical research. The specific pattern seen on the fingertip and palmar regions on the hand (dermatoglyphics) of a person are unique and forms a distinctive imprint of an individual. The influence of genetic or environmental factors on early development is often reflected by the altered dermatoglyphics. Aim and Objective: To determine the dermatoglyphic findings in patients with oral sub mucous fibrosis. Materials and methodology: A prospective study was conducted on 26 subjects divided into two groups: group A consisted of 13 clinically and histologically proven OSMF cases and group B consisted of 13 controls. Fingerprints were taken using the ink method described by Cummins and Midlo. Statistical analysis was done using Chi-square and Fisher’s exact tests. Results: There was a marked decrease of ulnar loops, and an increase of simple whorls in patients with OSMF in comparison with control individuals. Conclusion: We, therefore, recommend dermatoglyphics to identify individuals who are more prone to develop OSMF. We suggest the use of the same as an education tool for genetic counseling.
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