International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 10 (2018)

Effect of fenugreek fiber flakes on appetite scores and glucose homeostasis in healthy subjects

Author(s): Chandra JR, Dasegowda SM, Vrushabaiah GK, Shivayogi P, Bopanna K
Abstract: Background: It is hypothesized that high fiber foods displace energy as they have much lower energy density compared with high fat food. The bulking and viscosity properties of dietary fiber are predominantly responsible for influencing satiation and satiety1. The main objective was to determine efficacy and safety of fenugreek fiber flakes (5g and 10g) on appetite scores, glucose homeostasis and insulin response in healthy adult subjects. Methods: A randomized, single-center, open-label, crossover study in healthy adult subjects (n=18). There were two dosages fenugreek fiber flakes involved 5g and 10g. Fenugreek fiber flakes (5g and 10g) were given along with standard breakfast at each visit. The appetite scores, blood glucose and serum insulin levels were measured at baseline and at each visit. Results: An analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) performed on primary endpoint change from baseline resulted in significantly lower appetite scores when compared to baseline for both 5g and 10g. On comparison 10g fenugreek fiber flakes resulted in significantly reduced scores compared to 5g fenugreek flakes. Fenugreek fiber flakes 10g resulted in significantly lower (P=0.0001) for desire for consumption of food compared to 5g, the satiety satisfaction scores were found to be significantly high (P=0.0146) compared to 5g. The prospective consumption scores in 10g of fenugreek fiber flakes resulted in significantly lower (P<0.008) for prospective food consumption compared to 5g. The hunger scores was significantly reduced (P=0.0006) with 10g of fenugreek fiber flakes compared to 5g. The fullness scores was significantly greater (P=0.01) with fenugreek fiber flakes of 10g compared to 5g. Conclusions: Consumption of fenugreek fiber flakes (5g and 10g) with a standard breakfast increased satiety satisfaction and fullness. Fenugreek fiber flakes reduced hunger and desire to consume food and prospective food consumption in 10g significantly compared to 5g. There were no significant changes observed in glucose homeostasis with fenugreek fiber flakes. Fenugreek fiber flakes 5g and 10g, showed an acceptable safety profile.
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