International Journal of Medical and Health Research

International Journal of Medical and Health Research

(MCI Approved Journal)

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 11 (2018)

Effectiveness of drumstick leaves soup on hemoglobin level among antenatal mothers

Author(s): Chrysholite Jenisha C, Rajitha SR
Abstract: Antenatal care is a type of preventive health care and also known as prenatal care. The main aim of antenatal care is to provide regular check-ups that allow doctors or midwives to treat and potential health problems throughout pregnancy and to promote healthy lifestyles of both mother and child. The objectives of the study were to assess the hemoglobin level before and after administration of drumstick leaves soup, to find out the effectiveness of drumstick leaves soup in improving hemoglobin level and to associate the hemoglobin level with selected demographic and clinical variables among antenatal mothers. Pre experimental with one group pretest-posttest design was used in this study. The study was conducted in selected rural areas at Kanyakumari District. The samples consisted of 30 antenatal mothers and selected by purposive sampling technique on the basis of their pre-test hemoglobin level. The tools used for data collection were Demographic Variables, Clinical Variables and Hemoglobin Estimation Tool. Among the subjects, 60% had moderate anemia and 40% had mild anemia. At post-test, 53.33% had mild anemia, 40% had normal hemoglobin level and 6.67% had moderate anemia. The study revealed that, the pre-test mean score of hemoglobin level was 10.17±1.04 and post-test was 12.12±1.09. The obtained ‘t’ value was 13.54 was very higher than the table value. Hence, it was highly significant at <0.05 level.
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