International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 11 (2018)

A questionnaire based study regarding the knowledge, attitude and practice of self-medication among undergraduate medical students

Author(s): Pradnya Deolekar, Pramila Yadav, Sandesh Deolekar, Aanchal Gwalani
Abstract: Introduction: Self-medication is usually defined as intake of any type of drugs for treating oneself without professional supervision to relieve an illness or a condition. Self-medication is a common type of self-care behaviour in the general public, but medical students differ in such practice, as they have knowledge about drugs and diseases. Aims and Objectives: To estimate the prevalence and to find out the existing knowledge, attitude and pattern of practice regarding self-medication among the undergraduate medical (MBBS) students. Methods: A questionnaire eliciting self-medication practices was distributed to university students. Results: Self-medication practices were reported by 81.25% of the surveyed students. The most common indications for self-medication were to relieve the symptoms of headache 258 (79%), cough, cold and sore throat 250(76.9 %), fever 200(61%), stomach-ache 168(51.6% ). Analgesics 260(80%) were the most common drugs used for self-medication. Conclusions: Self-medication was widely practiced among the students. Educating benefits and risks of self-medication is the need of the hour for medical students as they are the future health care professionals.
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