International Journal of Medical and Health Research

International Journal of Medical and Health Research

(MCI Approved Journal)

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 12 (2018)

Prevalence of anemia in children admitted to SKMCH Bihar

Author(s): Dr. Umesh Chandra Vidyarthi, Dr. Brajmohan
Abstract: Because anemia is the most common indicator used for screening iron deficiency, the terms 'anemia,' 'iron deficiency,' and 'iron-deficiency anemia' are often used interchangeably. However, prior to the development of iron-deficiency anemia, there have been mild-to-moderate forms of iron deficiency, where various cellular functions are impaired. The aim of the present study was to implement a screening program to detect iron deficiency anemia among children, 6 month to 15 years of age, using both non-invasive as well as laboratory techniques. The 560 children’s admitted to paediatric department in SKMCH from July 2017 to July 2018 were enrolled in the present study. From that 34 Childs were found anaemic. The children’s in the age group of not less than 6 months and up to the 15 years of age were considered for the study. The approval of the institutional committee was taken prior to conduct of this study. The present study concluded that the prevalence of anaemia in the childrens from 6 months to 15 years of age. The study suggests that the anaemia is still a major health problem in our country. Childhood anaemia still continues to be a significant public health problem in school childrens. Government policies should be made to fortify iron with flour, salt, oil etc., in order to tackle the problem of anemia at gross root level.
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