International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2018)

The rates and indications of caesarean section in district Hospital Shivpuri: A retrospective study from Madhya Pradesh

Author(s): Dr. Uma Jain
Background: Caesarean section (CS) is one of the most common procedures to prevent health threatening risk to mother and infant. CS rates are rising. CS accounts for an increase in maternal mortality and morbidity as well as having considerable financial implications.
Aims and Objectives: To find out the rates and indications for CS and associated maternal morbidity in patients undergoing elective and emergency CS.
Materials and Methods: Seven hundred and sixty eight women who underwent elective or emergency CS were studied retrospectively at District Hospital Shivpuri. Records were searched for patient’s age, residence, parityand antenatal care. Nature of surgery, previous obstetrics history, indication of CS, indication for repeat CS and maternal complication among study cohort were also recorded. Data was analyzed using IBM SPSS ver. 20 software.
Results: Out of 768 (17.49% women who underwent CS, most of them belong to 20-29 years age group (58.33%), were multipara (54.29%), were booked cases (52.08%), belong to rural area (61.32%) and underwent emergency C section (82.03%). A total 30.98% underwent repeat CS. Most common maternal factor responsible for CS were lower segment CS (30.98%), cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) (16.92%) and non- progress of labor (7.55%) whereas among fetal factor, most common were fetal distress (7.03%), breech (5.98%), and severe oligohydroamnios (5.46%). Most common indication for repeat CS was CPD (30.25%), fetal distress (15.96%) and scar tenderness (14.7%).Incidence of maternal complication was 18.09%. Post-operative fever (5.72%), surgical site infection, minor (5.59%) and atonic postpartum hemorrhage (1.82%) were the most common maternal complications.
Conclusion: Being a district hospital, a high rate of Caesarean deliveries was observed. The type of CS indication showed a normal pattern, all CS had a medical indication. The commonest indication of CS was previous CS.
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