International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2018)

Study of diabetes patient in respect to sensorineural hearing loss in PMCH patients

Author(s): Dr. Tribhuban Kumar, Dr. Ratnesh Kumar
The relationship between diabetes mellitus and hearing function has been studied for a long time, yet there is currently no adequate consensus on this topic. Therefore there is a need for further studies not only to investigate hearing loss in diabetics but also to see the effect of progression of disease on severity of hearing loss. Hence this study was planned to assess the prevalence of sensor neural hearing loss in diabetes mellitus.
This study was conducted in patients admitted in PMCH. Total 100 patients detected with diabetes were enrolled into the study.
Present study is a hospital-based cross-sectional study conducted on 100 diabetic patients attending medicine OPD. These patients were recruited to ENT Department for clinical and audio logical evaluation. The prevalence of SNHL was more in patients having uncontrolled diabetic status compared to patients having controlled diabetic status. Severity was also high among uncontrolled diabetic group.
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