International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2018)

Efficacy of contra-lateral neurodynamics on median nerve extensibility in cervical radiculopathy patients

Author(s): Dr. Shivani Chowdhury Salian, Neha Vaidya Sachdeva
Abstract: This study was done to find the efficacy of the contra-lateral sliders neurodynamics (NDS) in the treatment of patients presenting with cervical radiculopathy. Thirty asymptomatic male and female subjects between the ages 18 to 76 years were involved in the study. Neurodynamic testing and sequence for Median nerve test-1(MNT1) was performed for structural differentiation. Intervention was given for six days on the uninvolved side to determine the effect of MNT 1 contra-lateral sliders technique on the involved side. Pre and post readings of Visual analogue scale (VAS) pain measurement, cervical range of motion (ROM) and elbow ROM were noted on the involved extremity. One week after intervention, MNT1 test was performed again on the involved upper extremity of subject and the outcome measures were noted to find the efficacy of the contralateral slider NDS. The results of study revealed there was a significant improvement in the cervical ROM assessed in sitting and supine positions, significant improvement in elbow ROM assessed in MNT1 position post contra-lateral sliders NDS treatment in cervical radiculopathy. Therefore, we can ascertain that contra-lateral slider NDS technique is clinically efficacious in treatment of cervical radiculopathy in adult patients.
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