International Journal of Medical and Health Research

International Journal of Medical and Health Research

(MCI Approved Journal)

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2018)

Is hetastarch safe in patients with raised blood sugar: A randomized study of blood sugar level after administration of hydroxy ethyl starch

Author(s): Jitendra Agrawal, Rakhi Mittal
Background: In a randomized, double blind, prospective study, we have evaluated the blood sugar level after one load of hetastarch and ringer lactate in patients posted for surgeries under spinal anaesthesia.
Aim: A comparative evaluation of Blood sugar level after administration of Hydroxy Ethyl Starch and Ringer Lactate.
Method: Hundred patients of age group 20 to 70 yrs of either sex scheduled for lower abdominal and lower limb surgeries of more than 1 hr. under spinal anaesthesia were included in the study. Group I received Lactated Ringer (RL) 500 ml as preloading and Group II patients received Hydroxyethyl Starch solution 6% 500 ml as preloading. Blood sugar readings were taken at 30 min. intervals from basal reading for first 2 hours followed by one hourly reading for next 4 hours.
Results: Maximal blood glucose level in group I increased from basal value of 63.02 + 1.24 to 74.56 + 2.29 mg % at end of 2 hours which was not statistically significant. In group II at end of 3 hours blood glucose level increased from basal value of 64.12 + 1.56 to 99.4 + 2.50 mg % which was statistically significant (p< 0.05).
Conclusion: There was statistically significant increase in blood sugar values transiently in group II i.e. Hydroxy ethyl Starch group which was within physiological limits and not sustained to cause serious concern in healthy individuals.
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