International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 8 (2018)

Evaluation of factors determining pulmonary function in paediatric scoliosis

Author(s): Amit Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar
Abstract: Scoliosis affects approximately 7 million people in the United States. Infantile scoliosis is a rare entity, amounting for less than 1% of population.
Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the factors determining the pulmonary function tests in cases of idiopathic paediatric scoliosis.
Materials and Methods: The proposed study was conducted in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery, King George’s Medical University Lucknow. The open ended study had been conducted on children having scoliosis in Paediateric age group and attending our outpatient department during August 2011 to July 2012. Detailed history and clinic-radiological examination was done. Total 33 patients were included in the study as per inclusion-exclusion criteria.
esults and Discussion: Clinic-radiological factors have an effect on pulmonary function test in scoliosis patients of paediatric age group. There is significant reduction in FVC and other parameters of PFT in Idiopathic scoliosis patients of paediatric age group.
Conclusion: Cardiopulmonary status of the patient is an important and vital parameter in the follow up of natural history of scoliosis, as it may affect the overall performance of the individual affected by this condition. Preoperative pulmonary function tests are essential to assess surgical risk in a patient with scoliosis because of the possibility of further compromising the pulmonary function.
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