International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 10 (2019)

Morphological variation of the Jugular foramen of the human skulls in south Bihar population

Author(s): Dr. Aloka Sharm, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Lal
Abstract: Jugular foramen is a large opening in the base of the skull. It is formed by the two bones (petrous part of thetemporal bone and by the occipital bone). it is located behind the carotid canal. The jugular foramen varies in shape and size in different crania and even in same cranium from side to side. The jugular foramen also varies in different racial groups and sexes. It is generally said that although the Jugular foramen is larger on the right side compared to the left. The jugular foramen is the main route of venous outflow from the skull. Sigmoid sinus continues as internal jugular vein in posterior part of jugular foramen. The foramen's irregular shape, its formation by two bones and the numerous nerves and venous channels that pass through it further compound its anatomy. The shape and size of the foramen is related to the size of sigmoid sinus and the presence or absence of prominent jugular fossa. The present study was undertaken in 100 (250 sides) human adult dry skulls from Department of Anatomy J.L.N. Medical Col lege Bhagalpur, Bihar, India and also from the MBBS students of J.L.N. Medical College Bhagalpur, Bihar, India. Out of 100 skulls in 82% of cases the right foramina were larger than the left, in 5% of cases the left foramina were larger than the right and in 13% cases were equal on both sides. The jugular fossa present bilaterally in 52%, on the right only in 23% cases, on the left only in20 % cases and was absent in 5% cases.
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