International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 10 (2019)

Role of CT in evaluation of Mediastinal masses

Author(s): Maajid Mohi Ud Din Malik
Abstract: Background: Mediastinal masses are the rare cases which are likely to found more in male then female. Computed Tomography is an important modality for imaging mediastinal masses, and certain CT attenuation features (fat, calcium, or water attenuation, contrast enhancement) are well known to suggest specific diagnoses. Objectives: To determine the sensitivity and specificity of computed tomography in evaluation of mediastinal masses. To determine the localization and the common age group exposed to mediastinal masses. Methods: A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted reviewing 40 patients request and reports that had CT chest scan with history of mediastinal masses. The information obtained was recorded on a self-designed data capture sheet. Results: A total of Fourty (40) patients of the age range of 20-69 were referred for CT scan of the chest to the department of radio diagnosis with a clinical suspicion of a mediastinal mass or who had an abnormal chest radiograph suggestive of mediastinal mass during the study period. Twenty six (26) of the patients were males while fourteen (14) were females. Majority of the patients that fall within the age group with the highest patients i.e. 40 -49 years were males. Conclusion: Although Chest X ray is the initial modality in suspected cases of mediastinal mass, their further evaluation needs computed tomography for their accurate localization, analyzing their morphology, involvement of adjacent structures and associated findings in lungs, pleura and chest wall. In the present study, overall, anterior mediastinum is the most common compartment involved followed by middle and posterior compartment
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