International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 11 (2019)

Evaluation of intubating conditions following administration of different doses of Rocuronium bromide: A comparative study

Author(s): Dr. Arunima Saikia, Dr. Arnav Das, Dr. Raju Tayung
Abstract: Background: Rocuronium Bromide is the first nondepolarizing drug to become an acceptable substitute for succinylcholine to perform rapid sequence intubation during emergency. So, the aim was to study the intubating conditions with three different doses of rocuronium, viz: 0.6 mg / kg, 0.9mg / kg and 1.2 mg / kg after 60 sec. Material and Methods: The study included 90 cases divided randomly according to intubating doses into three groups (each=30): Gr I = 0.6 mg/kg, Gr II = 0.9 mg/kg, Gr Ill = 1.2 mg/kg Results: In the study it was found that intubating condition at 60 secs were much better with 0.9 mg/kg and 1.2mg/kg than 0.6 mg/kg. (p< 0.05), without much side effects. Although higher dose such as 1.2 mg/kg' of the drug is associated with prolonged duration of action delaying recovery for moderate duration of' surgery. Conclusion: From our study conducted on patients undergoing elective surgery, it can be concluded that Rocuronium 0.9 mg/kg can be used as suitable substitute forsuxamethonium 1.0 mg/kg for rapid sequence induction after 60 secs for both elective and emergency surgery.
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