International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 11 (2019)

Effective training of II MBBS students on research methodology: A pilot study

Author(s): Sangeetha Kandasamy, Shivkumar gopalakrishnan, Harissh Ganesan
Abstract: Background: MBBS students have minimal if any exposure to research. We aimed to develop research capabilities in the MBBS student. Research training to MBBS students is insufficient and warrants Rewamp. Objectives § To sensitize the II MBBS students about Research Methodology. § To educate the target population in the proper usage of Information Technology. § To enable the participants to write a research protocol. Methodology: This was a prospective intervention study conducted between October’17 to Jan’18. The study was done on 96 II MBBS at Medical Education Unit by the curriculum committee from our college. § Sensitization programme one day and workshop on research methodology - 2days. § Proposal submission by students – 15 days (based on ICMR STSS Guidelines). The outcome of the study was assessed by way of Pre and Posttest questionnares by the participants’ response. Three domains were considered, namely Attitude, Knowledge and Barrier about research methodology. Results The awareness about research rose from 47.5% to 86.7% and preparedness from 13.3% to 90.5% post programme [p<0.001]. In knowledge domain, there was a twofold rise[ 20% vs 82%]from baseline. Assessment of the attitudinal change revealed that 97% accepted the importance of research. The noteworthy barriers were funding (45%), time constraints(63%)language(39%),guidance(66%). Postworkshop ICMR STSS project participation of IIMBBS compared with the previous year [15% in 2018 vs 3% in 2017]. Conclusion: MBBS Students have genuine interest and aptitude for research which could be enhanced by structure training. We recommend that research should be an integral part of the curriculum.
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