International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 12 (2019)

Evaluation of alteration in the serum lipids and proteins in the childrens suffered from nephrotic syndrome in Bihar region

Author(s): Dr. Baiju Kumar, Dr. NP Gupta
Abstract: Hyperlipidemia has been recognized as a common finding in nephrotic patients since 1917, when hypercholesterolemia was described as a feature of nephrotic syndrome. Although pathophysiological aspects of hyperlipidemia have not been completely identified, hypoalbuminemia, increased lipoprotein synthesis and decreased lipoprotein lipase activity are described by various workers. Lipoproteins play an important role in the transport of plasma lipids; their increase or alteration in various fractions may be responsible for hypercholesterolemia, in nephrotic syndrome. There is increased total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides and normal or low HDL cholesterol. However, in Indian children, the degree of hyperlipidemia is not high as in western children. More recently it has been expressed that hyerlipidemia may contribute to renal injury. Based on the above findings the present study was planned for Evaluation of Alteration in the Serum Lipids and Proteins in the Childrens Suffered from Nephrotic Syndrome in Bihar Region. The Present study was planned in Department of Pediatrics, Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital, Laheriasarai, Bihar. Total 40 childrens were enrolled in the present study. The 20 cases were enrolled in Group A as normal cases and in another group 20 cases were enrolled as nephrotic syndrome cases. In nephrotic syndrome, there is generalized hyperlipidemia and hypoalbuminemia. Although hyperlipidemia is most marked when serum albumin is low, yet no definite correlation can be established between the degree of hypoalbuminemia and rise of lipids. Dyslipidemia and hypoproteinemia are strongly associated with the development of nephrotic syndrome and on cholinesterase, still more studies are required to establish its importance in nephrotic syndrome or kidney disorders.
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