International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 12 (2019)

Assessment of antioxidant effect of vitamin c in on free radicles generated in streptomycin induced nephrotoxicity

Author(s): Dr. Archana Kumari, Dr. J Prasad
Abstract: Oxidative stress has been recognized as an important contributory factor in a number of pathogenic processes including those affecting kidney leading to the possibility of utilizing the antioxidants for the prevention of nephrotoxicity. Accordingly this study was planned to investigate the possible generation of oxidative stress by Streptomycin leading to renal damage in experimental rat model. Also it was aimed at localization of the site of damage produced by Streptomycin with histopathological study of rat kidney. Antioxidants are substances capable to repair or prevent the damage produced by oxidative stress. Vitamin C is a naturally occurring powerful antioxidant. It has shown beneficial effect in many conditions where oxidative stress is generated. Hence based on above findings the present study was planned for Assessment of Antioxidant Effect of Vitamin C in on Free Radicles Generated in Streptomycin Induced Nephrotoxicity. The present study was planned in Department of Pharmacology, Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College, Gaya, Bihar, India. The study was planned from duration of January 2018 to Oct 2018. Total 20 Adult, male albino wistar strain rats were enrolled in the present study. The rats were divided in four study groups. Group A Control group, was given saline 0.3 ml i.p. per day. Group B was given Vitamin C 0.2mg/kg/day i.p. Group V was given streptomycin 100 mg/kg/day i.m. While group D received streptomycin and vitamin C with 100mg/kg/day i.m. and 0.2 mg/kg/day i.p. respectively. Total duration of treatment was 30 days with single daily dose of each drug. The data generated from the present study concludes that Antioxidant vitamin C has shown predictive benefit in streptomycin induced nephrotoxicity in recent study however more extensive studies are desirable. Free radicals are generated during treatment with streptomycin leading to nephrotoxicity which was significantly prevented by coadministration of vitamin C.
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