International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 12 (2019)

Clinical assessment of occurrence of appendicitis and non-specific abdominal pain children’s in PMCH

Author(s): Dr. Tejendra Kumar Jha, Dr. AK Jaiswal
Abstract: Abdominal pain is a common problem in children. Although most children with acute abdominal pain have self-limited conditions, the pain may herald a surgical or medical emergency. The most difficult challenge is making a timely diagnosis so that treatment can be initiated, and morbidity prevented. Laboratory investigations such as ultrasonography, plain abdominal radiography, CRP play an important role in evaluating the cause for pain abdomen. Hence based on above findings the present study was planned for clinical assessment of occurrence of appendicitis and non-specific abdominal pain childrens referred to PMCH. The study was planned in Upgraded Department of Pediatrics, Patna medical College and Hospital, Patna, Bihar. The study was conducted from the Oct 2017 to March 2018. Total 50 cases of the childrens suffered from the non-specific abdominal pain were enrolled in the present study. Appendicitis is the most common surgical condition. Complicated appendicitis is associated with high morbidity. High leukocyte count, delayed presentation are reliable indicators of appendicitis. There should be a higher index of suspicion of appendicitis in patients who present late and have a higher leukocyte count. It is important to keep the age of the patient in mind while obtaining history and performing the physical examination. A history of migratory pain together with physical findings and leukocytosis remain accurate diagnostic clues for children.
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