International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2019)

Knowledge, attitude and practices of swine flu: A study on budding doctors

Author(s): Dr. Abhisek Sahoo, Dr. Sunil Kumar Jena
Abstract: Background: Swine flu is a lethal respiratory infectious disease unless it is diagnosed and treated in appropriate time. Health care providers are at highest risk to be infected by influenza virus. Interns of a health institution are the backbone to provide health care and the final year MBBS students are at door step to enter internship. Adequate knowledge, attitude and practices of medical students are valuable to provide health services for public. Material & Method: This study included 116 final year MBBS students after their consent. A self structured questionnaire was prepared and distributed among 146 students. 116 students responded properly to the questionnaire and these questionnaires were analyzed. The data was analyzed by Microsoft Excel and expressed in number and percentage form. Result: Knowledge of students regarding the causative agent, risk factors, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and complication was satisfactory but they have inadequate knowledge regarding mode of transmission, incubation period, contagious period and historical aspect of disease spread. After careful observation we found that the attitude of medical students towards swine flu is up to mark. Regarding the practice, they were well educated how to take prevention from spreading swine flu. Conclusion: KAP of students means a lot for the purpose of swine flu transmission because they are the budding doctors who treat and prevent the sick. Thus this study provides valuable information for the betterment of public.
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