International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2019)

Clinical evaluation of pediatric cases suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis in Darbhanga medical college and hospital

Author(s): Dr. Krishan Kumar Jha, Dr. Nagendra Prasad Gupta
Abstract: The proportion is higher in high TB-burden countries, reflecting that childhood TB represents active TB transmission within a community. Similar to other high burden countries, India faces challenges in capturing childhood TB cases to be treated under the National TB program (NTP). Despite implementation of directly observed treatment short course (DOTS) program in public and private hospitals in India since 2000, the burden of childhood TB in hospitals seems to be increasing. Hence the present study was planned to Clinical Evaluation of Pediatric Cases Suffering From pulmonary tuberculosis in Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital. The present study was planned in the Department of Paediatrics, Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital,from July 2018 to Nov 2018.Total 50 cases of the Tuberculosis patients of the age 0 – 14 years were enrolled in the present study. All patients undergoes the chest X-ray for the knowing the radiographic findings. A detailed clinical history, family history of contact with TB disease, and physical examination for each child was recorded in a standardized format. The prevalence of childhood TB is still very high and not decreasing even after implementation of the DOTS for more than 10 years. Hence it is recommended that all the patient coming with fever, not gaining weight, anorexia and with no obvious diagnosis should not be given therapeutic trials and tuberculosis should be considered as an important differential. All such cases should be referred to DOTS centre and should be properly investigated to break the rise of this neglected epidemic.
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