International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 3 (2019)

Study of major infections observed in children suffering from nephrotic syndrome from Bihar region

Author(s): Dr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar, Dr. AK Jaiswal
Abstract: Infections remain an important cause for morbidity and mortality in children with nephrotic syndrome. Pneumococcal infections are the most common invasive bacterial infections in these children. Infections can lead to repeated relapses, poor response to steroid therapy and prolonged hospitalization. Hence the present study was planned to evaluate the major infections in the children’s suffered from the Nephrotic Syndrome in the Bihar region. The present study was planned in the Upgraded Department of Paediatrics in Patna Medical College Patna from Feb 2018 July 2018.Total 50 children’s diagnosed with the nephrotic syndrome were enrolled in the present study. The enrolled children’s with the Nephrotic syndrome were evaluated for the major infections. Major infections were defined as infections affecting deep organs and tissues which warrant hospitalization. The complications of the nephrotic syndrome can be divided into two categories, disease-associated and treatment-related. Hence it is important to start with early identification and appropriate treatment for acute complications. From the present study and the reported literature it can be concluded that major infections remain an important complication of nephrotic syndrome in children, especially during relapses. Drug resistant organisms should be considered while treating these infections in children with nephrotic syndrome. Counselling the parents is very important for the prompt management of these children.
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