International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 3 (2019)

Assessment of the fibro-osseous lesions of the paranasal sinuses and the skull base

Author(s): Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Prasad
Abstract: The vast majority of fibro-osseous lesions are incidental findings on radiographs. They are slow-growing tumors, and are infrequently symptomatic. frontal headache is the most common complaint, followed by drainage and nasal obstruction associated with secondary sinusitis. The present study was planned to assess the symptomatic fibro-osseous lesions of the paranasal sinuses. The study was planned in the Department of ENT in Nalanda Medical College, Patna from Jan 2018 to July 2018. Total 20 patients diagnosed with the fibro osseous lesions were enrolled in the present study. The information regarding patient demographic characteristics, location of the lesion at presentation, CT scan findings, management approach, details of surgery performed, and outcomes were collected and presented as below. The data generated from the present study concludes that Diagnostic dilemma of benign fibro-osseous lesions of the paranasal sinuses and skull base can be resolved with a combination of clinical, radiological and pathological criteria. Correct diagnosis of fibro osseous tumors is crucial for adequate therapy as their treatment, prognosis, clinical aggressiveness and outcomes of individual entities vary significantly.
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