International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2019)

Low serum ferritin is a risk for febrile convulsion in children: A study in a Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Author(s): AKM Khairul Islam, Quamrun Nahar, Syed Shafi Ahmed, Rizwanul Ahsan Bipul, HSK Alam
Abstract: Febrile seizure (FS) is defined as "an epileptic seizure occurring in childhood after age 1 month, associated with a febrile illness not caused by an infection of the CNS, without previous neonatal seizures or a previous unprovoked seizure, and not meeting criteria for other acute symptomatic seizures. Iron deficiency anaemia and febrile seizures are two common diseases in children worldwide as well as in developing country. A prospective case-control study was carried out in the Department of Paediatrics, Dhaka Shishu (Childer) Hospital. The study was done during the period from January'2015 to September'2015 with 51 children with first simple febrile seizure as cases and other 51 controls. There were no significant differences in terms of ESR, WBC, platelets, RBC, MCHC, and TIBC levels between the cases and the control group. HB, HCT, MCH, mean serum ferritin and serum iron, were significantly low in the febrile convulsion group as compared to control group. Our present study showed the mean age 24.84(±4.86) months in cases and 25.71(±5.81) in controls. Majority (56%) male was in case group and 52% were in control group. No significant differences between the studied groups in terms of age, sex and socio-economic status was done Family history of febrile seizures and epilepsy were significantly high in cases as compared to control with (p=0.001). Mean serum ferritin was significantly low in children with first febrile seizure and also proportion of children with low ferritin was significantly higher in febrile seizure group than in controls. Iron deficiency and convulsions may be seen in lead poisoning but lead levels could not be determined in our subjects. Larger studies are needed to confirm our findings.
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