International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2019)

Prevalence of the pneumonia in Childrens with special assessment of hyponatremia

Author(s): Dr. Pradeep Sharan
Abstract: Childhood pneumonia is an important cause of mortality and morbidity in India. Also hyponatremia occurs in 1/4th of CAP and has been associated with increased in severity and worsened outcome of the disease. Hence, this study was undertaken to evaluate the prevalence of pneumonia and its association with the hyponatremia. The present study was planned in the Department of Paediatrics, Sri Krisna Medical College and Hospital, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The study was performed from July 2018 to Jan 2019. Total 25 child’s of aged 1 to 4 years identified with the pneumonia were enrolled in the present study. Pneumonia was defined as the presence of infiltration on the chest X-ray. The diagnosis of bronchiolitis was made by the primary critical care physician at time of admission on the basis of clinical signs of tachypnea, hypoxia, rhinorrhoea, cough, wheeze, subcostal or intercostal retractions, nasal flaring, and grunting. Venous blood samples were obtained and analysed for serum sodium by flame photometry Normal values of serum sodium ranges from 136-145 m mol/L or mEq/L. Hyponatremia is usually defined as a serum sodium concentration of less than 135 mEq/L3. Based on the data generated in the present study and the reported findings it can be concluded that mild hyponatremia is common among children hospitalized with lower respiratory tract infections. Thus, serum electrolytes should be measured in children hospitalized for lower respiratory infections; and serum sodium concentration should be monitored regularly. Future research needs to focus not only on how hyponatremia may affect children with pneumonia, but also how severity of hyponatremia impacts hospital outcomes. Studies are needed to evaluate the role of currently available therapies aimed at correction of hyponatremia in improving the outcomes of patients with pneumonia.
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