International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 9 (2019)

Case Report: Bilateral facial palsy complicated by an influenza vaccine

Author(s): Dr. Hani Aggad, Dr. Aya k kutbi, Dr. Danya Yousef bakhsh, Dr. Nedaa Bantan
Abstract: Bilateral facial palsy is a facial paralysis affects the both sides of the face due to the affection of the 7th facial nerve, it is a rare condition, it has an incidence of 0.3% to 2% of all cases of facial palsy, and with unknown etiology; it may be following traumatic, neoplastic, neurologic, infective or metabolic causes. We present here a case of a female patient developed a bilateral facial palsy after one week following the administration of an influenza vaccine via intramuscular injection. An influenza vaccine is safe and widely used to prevent the seasonal influenza virus infection, the side effects of influenza vaccination are common as soreness at the site of vaccination site, fever, malaise and myalgia. It is rare to appear a neurological complication after influenza vaccination, but some cases as bilateral facial palsy reported after administration an influenza vaccine.
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