International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2016)

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Title and Authors Name

Study of antimicrobial resistance in enterococci at J.L.N medical college and associated Group of Hospitals, Ajmer, Rajasthan
Pages: 01-09  
Histopathological review of thyroid swellings a retrospective study
Pages: 10-13  
Original Research article: A Study of Serum Bilirubin as a Marker of Oxidative Stress in Hypertensive and Normotensive Subjects
Pages: 14-15  
Factors predisposing to sepsis in infant
Pages: 16-17  
Evaluation of Microflora Features the Method of Gas-Liquid Chromatography in Pregnant Women with Infectious Risk
Pages: 18-20  
Dermatomycoses (Tinea) with reference to mandala kushta
Pages: 21-22  
A study to assess the level of death anxiety among elderly people at selected area at Bhopal
Pages: 23-24  
Prevalence of Epstein Barr Virus in children of leukemia and lymphoma
Pages: 25-30  
Telemedicine, telenursing & tele education -A revolution multi innovation in current nursing scenario
Pages: 31-32  
In Vitro investigation on antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of enteric fever causing bacteria isolated from different clinical sources in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Pages: 33-37  
Original research article: factors Influencing on status of under nutrition among children in rural population of Gujarat
Pages: 38-40  
Diagnozing a recurrent oral granuloma pyogenicum - A Case Report
Pages: 41-43  
Utilization of the family genogram in the prediction of generational spread of hypertension among patients attending the GOPC of UCTH, Calabar
Pages: 44-48  
A Study to assess the effectiveness of self-instructional module on knowledge regarding home care management of diabetes among patients in selected urban areas at Bangalore
Pages: 49-50  
A study to assess the effectiveness of Classroom teaching with Video CD on knowledge and practice regarding Care of patient on mechanical ventilator among B.Sc (N) III year students in selected nursing college of Bhopal, M.P.
Pages: 51-52  
A study on physical therapy intervention for radical mastectomy in breast cancer women
Pages: 53-56  
Efficacy of Unani formulations in the management of dysfunctional uterine bleeding-A randomized controlled trial
Pages: 57-61  
A descriptive study to assess the knowledge related to substance abuse among adolescents in selected Colleges of Gwalior
Pages: 62-63  
Study of Association of Neonatal Birthweight and Maturity with Maternal Blood Group
Pages: 64-66  
A study of sympatho-autonomic nervous function with reference to body mass in young adult women
Pages: 67-68  
Individualized care in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Pages: 69-72  
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