International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 10 (2018)

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Effectiveness of video assisted teaching regarding knowledge on breast feeding among primigravidae attending antenatal OPD at selected maternity Hospitals, Bangalore
Pages: 01-04  
Study of incidence and spectrum of congenital anomalies in newborn babies: A tertiary care hospital based study
Pages: 05-09  
Study of spectrum of Perforative peritonitis: A prospective study of 300 cases
Pages: 10-13  
Effect of fenugreek fiber flakes on appetite scores and glucose homeostasis in healthy subjects
Pages: 14-21  
Assessment of risk factors for the four major non-communicable diseases among the catholic university of eastern Africa staff, Langata campus, Nairobi, Kenya
Pages: 22-34  
Safety, efficacy, acceptability & complication of Medical Abortion with mifepristone (200mg) & misoprostol (800micrograms) in pregnancy with gestation up to 63 days: A prospective observational study
Pages: 35-38  
The adequacy of anticoagulation practice in a teaching hospital
Pages: 39-42  
A review on laryngeal mask airway applications and limitations
Pages: 43-47  
Prevalence of stress urinary incontinence amongst women attending gynaecology OPD at an Urban Women’s Hospital
Pages: 48-50  
Effectiveness of structured teaching programme regarding knowledge on importance of iodine rich food among prenatal mothers at selected PHC, Ramanagara district
Pages: 51-54  
Uniting the world against HIV stop aids: Keep the promise
Pages: 60-63  
Preoperative use of intra-aortic balloon pump in multi vessels coronary artery disease patient’s undergoing coronary artery bypass graft
Pages: 64-67  
Nonketotic hyperglycemia induced involuntary movement’s disorder, An rare presentation of diabetes mellitus
Pages: 68-69  
The pattern of microbial infection in patients with upper urinary tract stone disease: A prospective study
Pages: 70-75  
Combined spinal epidural anesthesia advantages and limitations: An overview
Pages: 76-80  
A study to evaluate the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on prevention of Malaria among adults at selected Urban Slum Bangalore, Karnataka
Pages: 81-84  
The prevalence and risk factors of irritable bowel syndrome among medical students and interns: results of a national survey in Saudi Arabia
Pages: 85-89  
The excessive daytime sleepiness and burnout status in preclinical medical students
Pages: 90-94  
Effect of trunk extensors endurance protocol (TEEP) versus Pilates technique on chronic low back pain related disability in motorcycle riders
Pages: 95-99  
Study on prevalence of needle stick injury and its management among waste handlers in Kasturba Hospital, Bhopal (M.P.)
Pages: 100-102  
Epidemiological trends of cancer morbidity at a new tertiary care Gurgaon, hospital, India
Pages: 103-112  
Carcinoid tumors of the appendix-our experience in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand
Pages: 113-115  
A study of basic knowledge of epilepsy among male medical student in Majmaah University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2018
Pages: 116-120  
Knowledge and practice towards prevention of surgical site infection among healthcare professionals in Buraidah city, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 121-127  
Assessment of analgesic effect of gentamicin in comparison with aspirin thermally induced pain models in rats and mice
Pages: 128-130  
Study of serum lipid profile and insulin resistance in morbid obese subjects before and after Sleeve gastrectomy
Pages: 131-135  
Assessment of thyroid profile in children with thalassemia and its correlation with serum ferritin level
Pages: 136-138  
Assessment of the role of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in mild to moderate osteoarthritis knee joint using VAS and WOMAC score
Pages: 139-145  
Incidence of hypokalemia after nebulization with salbutamol & levosalbutamol in children
Pages: 146-148  
Peritonsillar abscess: Pattern and treatment intervention in a tertiary health institution in Sokoto metropolis
Pages: 149-152  
Surgical intervention of intra: Cerebral hemorrhage and its outcomes
Pages: 153-155  
A study of clinical and endoscopic profile of dyspepsia in eastern region Afghanistan
Pages: 156-159  
Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding breast feeding in mothers at a tertiary care centre in North India
Pages: 160-162  
The effects of maternal caffeine consumption during pregnancy (A meta-analysis study conducted among Saudi Women)
Pages: 163-167  
Association between plant-based dietary antioxidant intake and the oxidative stress of healthy adults in the health unit area of Bope-Poddala, Sri Lanka
Pages: 168-172  
Role of counselling in obliterating dental phobia: A case study approach
Pages: 173-174  
Spectrum of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy findings in patients with dyspepsia and its relation to alarm symptoms
Pages: 175-177  
Anatomical evaluation of lateral thoracic artery in cadavers in North Indian population
Pages: 178-180  
Comparative evaluation of diagnostic efficacy of widal slide agglutination test & widal tube agglutination test in enteric fever
Pages: 181-183  
Periodontal Vaccine: Review article
Pages: 184-188  
Assessment of histopathology of tumours and tumour like lesions of testis
Pages: 189-191  
Monitoring of symptoms of ectopic pregnancy in SKMCH
Pages: 192-195  
Assessment of malarial fever in children by estimation of haematological profile
Pages: 196-198  
Transvaginal sonographic assessment of cervical length and its predictive value in preterm labour
Pages: 199-201  
Assessment of bone tumors and lesions of bone in childrens
Pages: 202-204  
Assessment of quality of life in children suffered from asthma
Pages: 205-207  
Effect of smoking and tobacco chewing on periodontal health: A cross sectional study
Pages: 208-214  
Assessment of serum uric acid in patients suffered from essential hypertension
Pages: 215-217  
Evaluation of the blood glucose levels of the diabetic patients administered with general anaesthesia
Pages: 218-220  
Assessments of the factors responsible for the optional vaccination in childrens from Bihar
Pages: 221-223  
Factors responsible for scorpion sting and assessment of complications and severity of scorpion sting in Children from Gaya, Bihar
Pages: 224-226  
Assessment of the cystic duct anomalies in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Bihar population
Pages: 227-229  
Evaluation of the clinical profile of patients diagnosed with gallstones from Bihar region
Pages: 230-233  
Pattern of maternal vaginal flora in labour and its effect on neonate
Pages: 234-237  
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