International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 2 (2018)

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Title and Authors Name

A study of propofol auto-co-induction versus midazolam-propofol co-induction using priming principle by bispectral index analysis for ambulatory surgery
Pages: 01-05  
Knowledge and attitudes regarding eye donation and corneal transplants in Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional study
Pages: 06-09  
Hypokalemic paralysis and its correlation on biochemical parameters
Pages: 10-13  
Borderline class III patient and treatment options: A comprehensive review
Pages: 14-16  
Priapism as a complication of high dose testosterone therapy: A medication error [Case report and a review of literature]
Pages: 17-21  
Giant cell tumors in temporomandibular joint region involving lateral skull base: A literature review
Pages: 27-29  
Dental students' awareness about infection control procedures in qassim province
Pages: 30-36  
Original research article: A cross sectional study of primary adult glaucoma in an urban population of Rajasthan, India
Pages: 37-39  
Awareness and risk behaviors of malaria among hail population, kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Pages: 40-49  
Oral manifestations and complications of diabetes mellitus: A review
Pages: 50-52  
Palmar dermatoglyphic and breast cancer: A possible correlation
Pages: 53-55  
Correlation of low back pain with core muscle strength in multigravida females of Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 56-60  
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among dentists in Qassim region, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 61-66  
Effectiveness of task oriented exercise therapy and cognitive exercise therapy on upper limb function and quality of life in chronic stroke patients
Pages: 67-71  
Effects of Pleurotus ostreatus extract against biofilms caused by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Pages: 72-81  
Assessment of the level of knowledge about breast cancer and related symptoms, screening and treatment among Saudi Female
Pages: 82-87  
Breast mass in a 10-year-old girl with neurofibromatosis type 1: A case report
Pages: 88-90  
Using speckle tracking strain of left atrium for risk stratification of embolic stroke in non valvular atrial fibrillation in single cardiac center
Pages: 91-97  
Role of social media in dental health promotion and behavior change in Qassim province, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 98-103  
Evaluation of antipyretic activity of “Anjanavaerathichooranam” in yeast induced pyrexia: A critical analysis
Pages: 104-108  
Panton Valentine Leukocidin (PVL) and thermonuclease (NUC) profile in clinical isolates of S. aureus and an assessment of impact of variations in nucleotide sequences of fem A, B and X genes
Pages: 114-119  
A study of blood pressure profile in school children in rural and urban area in and around Karad
Pages: 120-123  
Childhood trauma and personality characteristics in obese individuals with and without binge eating disorder
Pages: 124-129  
Ethnomedical profile of different parts of Coccinia cordifolia: A review
Pages: 130-136  
Antimicrobial resistance pattern in Enterococcus species and detection of vanA gene among vancomycin resistant isolates in a tertiary care hospital
Pages: 137-140  
Extract Formulation and Effectiveness of Beta vulgaris L. as dental plaque solution disclosing
Pages: 141-143  
Multilocular radiolucent lesion in anterior mandible
Pages: 144-147  
Helicobacter pylori infection in recurrent abdominal pain in children
Pages: 148-150  
Clinical profile and outcome in children suffering from AES (Acute enchephalitic syndrome) in Magadh region of Bihar
Pages: 151-153  
Incidence of fungal keratitis in patients with corneal ulcer in tertiary care centre of western Rajasthan
Pages: 151-155  
Comparative evaluation of thoracic epidural anaesthesia and general anaesthesia during the modified radical mastectomy
Pages: 154-157  
Study of AES (Acute Encephalitis Syndrome) with respect to clinical profile and outcome in Patna medical college and hospital
Pages: 158-161  
Ethical aspects & Professional code of conduct in dentistry
Pages: 162-165  
Nerve conduction velocity in diabetes mellitus type II
Pages: 166-168  
Clinical profile and management of urethral stricture
Pages: 169-172  
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