International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2018)

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Serum lipoprotein (a) levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
Pages: 01-04  
Comparative study between Mandakini off loading and conventional gauze dressing in the management of diabetic foot plantar ulcers
Pages: 05-11  
Clinical study of HELLP syndrome in tertiary care Hospital
Pages: 12-17  
Fingerprint patterns of MBBS students: A study from Assam
Pages: 18-21  
Magnesium supplementation improve outcome after cardiac surgery
Pages: 22-25  
A prospective randomized double blind comparative study of 0.8 mg nalbuphine hydrochloride and 25 mcg fentanyl as adjuvant to 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine in sub arachnoid block in lower limb surgeries
Pages: 26-31  
Methotrexate induced neurotoxicity: A stroke mimic
Pages: 32-34  
Giant gluteal mass of tuberculosis origin
Pages: 35-37  
Comparison of dexmedetomidine and clonidine as an adjuvant to bupivacaine in supraclavicular brachial plexus block
Pages: 38-41  
Association of cutaneous malignancy with different common intoxicants: A hospital based study
Pages: 42-46  
Efficacy of contra-lateral neurodynamics on median nerve extensibility in cervical radiculopathy patients
Pages: 47-52  
Obesity: Causes, consequences and management
Pages: 53-58  
A prospective randomised single blind clinical comparative evaluation of analgesia of nebulised fentanyl (4mcg/kg) with intravenous fentanyl (1mcg/kg) for post operative pain relief in abdominal surgeries
Pages: 59-64  
Consequences of alcohol use among the HIV positive patients who are on antiretroviral therapy: A prospective study
Pages: 65-68  
Assessment of umbilical coiling index as a marker of perinatal outcome
Pages: 69-71  
Factors responsible for the health status of elderly people: A case study in Sylhet district
Pages: 72-77  
A prospective study of anemia profile in geriatric population
Pages: 78-80  
Sirovasthi: A boon in trigeminal neuralgia a case report
Pages: 81-85  
Atteinte artérielle au cours d’une polychondrite atrophiante
Pages: 86-87  
A randomized clinical study to evaluate effect of dexamethasone with levobupivacaine in sciatic nerve block for post-operative pain relief
Pages: 88-90  
Anesthesia and airway management in a case of Apert syndrome
Pages: 91-93  
Assessment of stature from the percutaneous measurement of ulna in healthy volunteers
Pages: 94-96  
A comparison of epidural butorphanol 2mg and fentanyl 75 mcg for postoperative analgesia using combined spinal epidural anaesthesia technique: A randomized double blind clinical study
Pages: 97-101  
Intestinal pseudo-obstruction revealing a thrombosis of the superior mesenteric vein in a pregnant woman
Pages: 102-104  
A prospective randomized double blind study comparing isobaric ropivacaine 0.5% with dexmedetomidine and 0.5% ropivacaine alone in spinal anaesthesia in lower limb and perineal surgeries
Pages: 105-111  
Prevalence of hypothyroidism in pregnant women
Pages: 112-115  
Carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve conduction studies and ultrasonography: A literature review
Pages: 116-120  
The percutaneous treatment of Ischaemic heart disease: Risks, complications and perioperative considerations
Pages: 121-127  
Is vitamin D deficiency an independent risk factor for fracture risk?
Pages: 128-131  
Intramedullary v/s plate fixation for clavicle fractures: A systematic review
Pages: 132-135  
Vitamin D deficiency and stress fractures in soldiers and athletes: A review
Pages: 136-139  
Aerobic bacterial profile and antimicrobial resistance in bacterial isolates causing urinary tract infection in patients attending at integral institute of medical sciences and research hospital Lucknow
Pages: 140-146  
Metabolic effects of olanzapine therapy in schizophrenia patients
Pages: 147-152  
Application of next generation sequencing to detect targetable mutations: A case report of good response to everolimus in salivary duct carcinoma
Pages: 153-155  
Clinical evaluation of hematological profile of children’s affected by sickle cell disease
Pages: 156-158  
Assessment of serum magnesium in overweight children at a tertiary care hospital of Bihar
Pages: 159-161  
A study of cardiovascular disease risk factor among auto: Rickshaw drivers in Gwalior city, M.P.
Pages: 162-165  
Is hetastarch safe in patients with raised blood sugar: A randomized study of blood sugar level after administration of hydroxy ethyl starch
Pages: 166-170  
A study to assess the functioning of designated sexually transmitted infection /reproductive tract infection clinics in district Gwalior (M.P.)
Pages: 171-175  
Symptoms and pathogenesis of giardia (systematic review)
Pages: 176-178  
C2/C3 nerve blocks and greater occipital nerve (GON) block in treatment of cervicogenic headache
Pages: 179-183  
Study of clinical profile of scorpion sting in children presenting in NMCH (Nalanda medical college hospital)
Pages: 184-186  
Serum calcium and magnesium in preeclampsia and normal pregnancy
Pages: 187-189  
Observation of anatomical sites of facial nerve palsy
Pages: 190-191  
Observation of extra hpatic biliary apperats
Pages: 192-193  
Prevalence of depression and its associated factors among students of a medical college in Bihar
Pages: 194-196  
A prospective study to detect silent or latent malignancy of prostate and its relation to age and digital rectal examination
Pages: 197-199  
Assessment of factors responsible for congenital anomalies in newborn
Pages: 200-203  
Doppler role in cerebral and umbilical blood flow velocity during pregnancy
Pages: 204-206  
Comparison of single dose prophylactic antibiotics versus five days antibiotics in cesarean section
Pages: 207-210  
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