International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 5, Issue 11 (2019)

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Effective training of II MBBS students on research methodology: A pilot study
Pages: 01-04  
Correlation of angiographic severity in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction association with reciprocal ST segment depression
Pages: 05-10  
Brugada syndrome in children: Stepping into unchartered territory
Pages: 11-12  
A comparative study of blue light filtering intraocular lens with ultraviolet filtering intraocular lens in visual functions
Pages: 13-17  
Clinical Evaluation of Factors Responsible for the Maternal Mortality in LBKMCH, Saharsa
Pages: 18-22  
Investigation on chronic supportive otitis media with comparative treatment between myringoplasty and cortical mastoidectomy: A study in Mymensingh medical college, Bangladesh
Pages: 23-30  
Ocular findings in children with cerebral palsy attending a tertiary care hospital bogura, Bangladesh
Pages: 31-35  
Chronic kidney disease in children of paediatric emergency observation and referral unit admitted in hospital: a study in tertiary care hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Pages: 36-43  
Effectiveness of modular training programme in imparting first-AID training skills among undergraduate medical students- a qualitative research
Pages: 44-47  
Pacinian corpuscle tumor
Pages: 48-51  
Risk factors of gestational hypertension-preeclampsia in pregnant women patients aged within 20-35 years with fetomaternal outcome & its perioperative management: a study in Shaheed Ziaur Rahman medical college hospital, Bogra, Bangladesh
Pages: 52-60  
Effectiveness of pelvic rocking exercise on Dysmenorrhoea among adolescent girls
Pages: 61-71  
Socio clinical assessment of hemoglobin level in childrens suffered from Pica condition in north Bihar region
Pages: 72-76  
Evaluation of Ilizarov technique in the treatment of open fractures of Tibia
Pages: 77-81  
Traumatic dental ınjuries: A review
Pages: 82-85  
Evaluation of intubating conditions following administration of different doses of Rocuronium bromide: A comparative study
Pages: 86-91  
Clinical outcomes of effect of dexmedetomidine on hemodynamic responses during tracheal Extubation
Pages: 92-96  
Post-operative outcome of partial atrioventricular canal repair- in a pediatric cardiac center in Bangladesh
Pages: 97-103  
Clinical assessment of dengue fever with respect to hematological profile in pediatric cases of north-Bihar region
Pages: 104-108  
Evaluation and Role of Basic Hematological Scoring System in Early detection of Neonatal Sepsis
Pages: 109-113  
Study of electrolyte disturbances and renal parameters in asphyxiated newborn
Pages: 114-117  
Study on clinical and etiological profile of patients presenting with hyponatremia in NMCH, Patna
Pages: 123-126  
A study to assess the effectiveness of cough trick method in reducing pain among (6-12yrs) old children undergoing intravenous cannulation
Pages: 127-129  
Haemodynamic response to laryngeal mask airway versus endotracheal tube, a clinical comparative study
Pages: 130-133  
A two hospital experience in nerve block
Pages: 134-136  
Anthropologic features of proximal end of the tibia
Pages: 137-141  
Sternal morphometry comparison to chest measurements and using roentgenography
Pages: 142-146  
Exami0nation, evaluation and statistical analysis of human femoral anthropometry in Turkish population
Pages: 147-151  
Time trends of cancer in a tertiary care centre, 2013-2017
Pages: 152-158  
Epistaxis-An etiological study of armed forces personnel in Bangladesh
Pages: 159-163  
A clinical study of abdominal trauma with special reference to gastro-intestinal injuries
Pages: 164-169  
Factors affecting the performance of routine gestational screening ultrasound for detection of neural tube defects
Pages: 170-174  
Factors causing anemia among children living around Darbhanga attending Pediatric department of Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital, Bihar, India
Pages: 175-179  
Clinical outcomes of administration of oral zinc in children’s Suffering from acute Diarrhoea
Pages: 180-184  
Prevalence of head injuries in patients undergone road traffic accidents in West Bengal
Pages: 185-188  
Clinical evaluation of level of C-reactive protein in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients from Bihar region
Pages: 189-193  
Clinical assessment of the patients suffering from gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) diagnosed with endoscopy from Bihar
Pages: 194-199  
Clinical evaluation of levels of urinary uric acid and creatinine ratio in neonatal asphyxia cases
Pages: 200-205  
Clinical significance of the levels of HbA1C and vitamin D & B12 in tuberculosis patients with diabetes
Pages: 206-211  
Evaluation of factors responsible and mycological profile of intertrigo of foot
Pages: 212-215  
Clinical evaluation of pain scores in the caesarean section cases undergoing intraoperative anesthetic management in post-anesthesia care unit
Pages: 216-220  
Comprehensive assessment of antibacterial efficacies of biopure and niclor against planktonic and biofilm forms of enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans: an in vitro (original research) study
Pages: 221-224  
Comprehensive evaluation of patient’s awareness, attitude and knowledge about removable partial denture therapies: A questionnaire based original research study
Pages: 225-228  
Correlation the levels of serum electrolyte levels and renal parameters in cases of birth asphyxia
Pages: 229-233  
Study of changes in levels of uric acid & creatinine levels in the neonates suffered from neonatal asphyxia
Pages: 234-238  
Prevalence of traumatic dental injuries of anterior tooth with associated risk factors in children in Patna
Pages: 239-245  
Study on the effect of intravenous dexmedetomidine in females undergoing lower segment cesarean section under general anesthesia
Pages: 246-251  
Clinical assessment of hemodynamic variation in the platelet count and indices in neonatal sepsis in Bihar
Pages: 252-257  
Study of pulmonary parameters like FVC and PEFR in pregnant females and its correlation with progesterone levels
Pages: 258-262  
Assessment of changes in lipid profile in diabetic patients and normal patients from Bihar region
Pages: 263-267  
Study of difficult laryngoscopy and intubation in the cases from Bihar region
Pages: 268-273  
Comparative assessment of dexamethasone and dexmedetomidine as adjuvants to bupivacaine in patients undergoing the supraclavicular brachial plexus block
Pages: 274-278  
Clinical assessment of the ulcers of lower limb in patients from Bihar region
Pages: 279-282  
Evaluation comparative study of analgesic effect of breast feeding and dextrose of the heel lance in neonates
Pages: 283-287  
Evaluation of oral health related quality of life among Indian expatriate workers in Al Zulfi, Saudi Arabia: A cross sectional study
Pages: 288-292  
Occurrence of muco-cutaneous lesions in children’s diagnosed with dengue fever
Pages: 293-297  
Evaluation of different factors, diagnosis and findings of tracheo-bronchial foreign bodies in cases from Bihar region
Pages: 298-302  
Surgical evaluation of common bile duct injury in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Pages: 303-309  
An animal model to evaluate the analgesic and antipyretic activities of alcoholic extract of Justicia neesii Ramam: A clinio-pharmacological study
Pages: 310-312  
Management of cases esophageal foreign bodies in by using rigid esophagoscopy
Pages: 313-317  
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