International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 6, Issue 12 (2020)

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Evaluation of pre-emptive intramuscular phenylephrine 1.5mg and 3mg for reduction of hypotension induced by spinal anaesthesia in lower abdominal and lower limb surgeries
Pages: 01-04  
Serum albumin level as prognostic marker for Covid-19 positive patients
Pages: 05-07  
Comparison of hemodynamic response during general anesthesia in treated and untreated hypertensive with normotensive patients
Pages: 08-11  
Adolescent’s knowledge on menstrual hygiene in polytechnic college- effectiveness of structured teaching programme
Pages: 12-15  
Covid-19 infection among health care workers of a tertiary cancer hospital
Pages: 16-21  
Demonstration of lepra bacilli in clinical materials of human leprosy cases with special references to cultural prospect
Pages: 22-26  
A retrospective study of prevalence of urinary tract infection and the antibiotic sensitivity pattern of uropathogens in patients attending microbiology department of MGM medical college, Jamshedpur, a tertiary care hospital of Kolhan region of Jharkhand
Pages: 27-29  
Comparison between ACR-TIRADS and EU-TIRADS: Similarities and differences in the US lexicon for risk stratification of the thyroid nodules
Pages: 30-33  
Study of trace elements like zinc & magnesium in the uncomplicated and complicated cases of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Pages: 34-41  
Midwives’ perceptions of clinical leadership in the obstetrics and gynaecology wards of the two tertiary health institutions in Rivers state
Pages: 42-46  
Using multilevel linear growth models to examine participant performance on different cardiorespiratory fitness assessments
Pages: 47-50  
A study of microbiological profile of urinary tract infection in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Pages: 51-55  
Ebus-tbna “the learning curve”: A single operator Indian experience
Pages: 56-59  
Endometrial biopsies in females with abnormal uterine bleeding: Clinicopathological analysis
Pages: 60-64  
Physical activity and a dual measure of body composition are independently related to cardiorespiratory fitness in U.S. adolescents
Pages: 65-69  
Symptoms of frailty and health-related quality of life: The use of physical inactivity as a frailty indicator
Pages: 70-74  
Effect of Zingiber officinale roscoe on myocardial ischemic-reperfusion injury
Pages: 75-79  
Achondroplasia syndrome with clinical manifestations of pneumonia and symptoms of parental social isolation
Pages: 80-82  
Characteristics and it’s associated factors among type ii diabetes mellitus patients
Pages: 83-87  
Impact of shoulder pain and disability on the quality of life among cerebrovascular accident patients of Surat, Gujarat
Pages: 88-91  
to study efficacy and complication of forehead flap in nose reconstruction
Pages: 92-95  
Retrospective study to analyse the factors related to the occurrence of venous thrombo-embolism in neurosurgical patients for risk stratification
Pages: 96-100  
Scanning electron microscopic study of tensile bond strength with acidulated phosphate fluoride applied before and after acid etching: in vitro
Pages: 101-105  
A study on out-patient department (OPD) of selected public hospitals in Dhaka city
Pages: 106-111  
A study of cardiovascular involvement in Covid – 19 patients
Pages: 112-117  
Transient leukopenia in post-burn patients treated with topical silver sulfadiazine cream: A retrospective study
Pages: 118-119  
Self perception of food choice in geriatric dental prosthesis users
Pages: 120-125  
Conventional vs smartphone app-based pedometers for measuring steps in healthy adults: A systematic review
Pages: 126-130  
Role of high resolution ultrasonography in the diagnosis of early scaphoid fracture in comparison of x-rays
Pages: 131-136  
Association between left atrial enlargement and the incidence of stroke in patient with non-valvular atrial fibrillation
Pages: 140-143  
Ultrasonography and computed tomography evaluation of gall bladder malignancy
Pages: 144-149  
Color doppler ultrasonography of superior thyroid artery and its relation between normal and abnormal thyroid functional state
Pages: 150-155  
Prevalence of hypomagnesemia in critically ill patients and it’s association with mortality: A prospective study
Pages: 156-158  
Nursing students knowledge regarding needle stick injury: Effectiveness of structured teaching plan
Pages: 159-163  
Simple chronic suppurative otitis media: Epidemiological, clinical, bacteriological and therapeutic aspects at the Sylvanus Olympio University hospital in Lomé
Pages: 164-168  
Sonological accuracy in defining various benign and malignant ovarian neoplasm with doppler and histopathological correlation
Pages: 169-172  
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