International Journal of Medical and Health Research

ISSN: 2454-9142

Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2020)

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Association of plasma fibrinogen level with acute ischemic stroke: A comparative study with normal subjects
Pages: 01-03  
Alpha: Glucosidase inhibitor and its relevance in prediabetes: An observational study
Pages: 04-05  
Retrospective analysis for the reasons for surgeries cancellation in the operating room in St John eye hospital, Palestine: Gaza
Pages: 06-09  
Screening for latent TB among HCWs newly hired in a major hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 10-15  
Studying impact of home health care on hospital readmission rate in prince sultan military medical city, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 16-21  
Removal of calcium hydroxide from artificial grooves in straight root canals using ultrasonic irrigation, navitip FX and endovac
Pages: 22-24  
Incidence and prevalence of chronic cutaneous arsenicosis: A study in Homna upazilla health complex, Homna, Cumilla, Bangladesh
Pages: 25-28  
Medial thigh flap method of reconstruction of scrotal defect following Fournier’s gangrene
Pages: 29-31  
Limberg’s flap for sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus, results and complications of surgery
Pages: 32-34  
Needs assessment to implement virtual clinics in primary health care, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 35-42  
to study the co-relationship between glycosylated hemoglobin and serum calcium levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
Pages: 43-45  
Effect on tear film after SICS and Phacoemulsification: A comparative study
Pages: 46-50  
A study to evaluate the effectiveness of oral sucrose solution in terms of reduction of pain during painful procedure among neonates admitted in selected hospital, Gonda, UP
Pages: 51-52  
Effect of refractive error correction in the scholastic performance of school going children
Pages: 53-56  
Outcomes of early versus interval laparoscopic cholecystectomy in acute calculus cholecystitis: A prospective analytical study
Pages: 57-60  
to assess the knowledge, attitude regarding family planning and the practice of contraceptives among women attending OPD clinics in MDMH Jodhpur
Pages: 61-63  
Perceptions of maternal health and well-being in Unani system of medicine
Pages: 64-67  
Assessment of food preference and anthropometric indices of adolescent in Port Harcourt city, Nigeria
Pages: 68-71  
Multimodality imaging evaluation of pancreatic masses and their pathological correlation
Pages: 72-78  
The Out Break of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Pages: 79-81  
Assessment of different factors responsible for the prevalence of dengue in Jawaharlal Nehru medical college and hospital, Bhagalpur, Bihar
Pages: 82-87  
Comparative assessment of 2-chloroprocaine versus hyperbaric bupivacaine for administration in subarachnoid block for pregnant females undergoing elective caesarean section
Pages: 88-92  
Evaluation of short term side effects of administration of 0.2% and 0.12% Chlorhexidine Mouthwash
Pages: 93-97  
Assessment of prevalence of microalbuminuria as a nephropathic marker in patients suffered from type 2 diabetes mellitus and its correlation with the glycated hemoglobin
Pages: 98-102  
Assessment of renal complication in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patient in durg district Chhattisgarh
Pages: 103-106  
Analysis of predictive factors in diagnosis and outcome of Necrotising fasciitis
Pages: 107-111  
Evaluation of pit & fissure sealants following disinfection with and without chlorhexidine solution
Pages: 112-114  
Analysis of oral candida in leukoplakia and tobacco pouch keratosis cases associated with smokeless tobacco
Pages: 115-117  
Cataract operations in national institute of ophthalmology and hospital in Bangladesh: Comparison between manual small incision cataract surgery and phacoemulsification
Pages: 118-122  
Early freezing phase of shoulder adhesive capsulitis: A correlation between shoulder pain and shoulder joint mobility
Pages: 123-125  
Surgical site infection from the post-discharge patients evidenced in marks medical college & hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Pages: 126-128  
Clinical assessment of the urinary tract infection in patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
Pages: 129-133  
Surgical treatment of dupuytren’s contracture: Results and complications of surgery
Pages: 134-136  
Evaluation of different low dose of aspirin therapy on renal function in elderly patients
Pages: 137-141  
Study of levels of the glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) in patients suffered from acute ischemic stroke
Pages: 142-147  
Evaluation of hs-CRP and lipid profile in patients diagnosed with the hypothyroid condition
Pages: 148-152  
Post marketing surveillance on safety and efficacy of Cymbi oral drops in various gastrointestinal indications: A survey-based study
Pages: 153-158  
Comparative evaluation of thyroid hormone abnormalities in septic neonates from Darbhanga, Bihar
Pages: 159-163  
Prevalence of cutaneous findings in neonates from north Bihar region
Pages: 164-168  
Comparative assessment of conventional and endoscopy assisted nasal septal correction surgery performed in NMCH, Patna
Pages: 169-173  
An observational study of prevalence of depression and other psychiatric co-morbidities among alcohol dependent patients attending Psychiatry OPD in a tertiary care teaching hospital
Pages: 174-176  
Study of seroprevalence of dengue infection in clinically suspected cases of dengue
Pages: 177-181  
Study to evaluate the correlation of glycemic control in newborn at birth in relation to maternal glycemic control
Pages: 182-184  
Comparison of maxillary canine retraction using power chain and active tie-back: An in vivo study
Pages: 185-187  
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